2023 - Jersey Loan Agreement (Woolwich Wild)

2023 - Jersey Loan Agreement
In order for players to carry their own jerseys, the following must occur: • parents/adult players MUST use a garment bag to carry the jerseys to and from the arena, AND • parents/adult players MUST complete this Jersey Loan Agreement. The jerseys must be carried in the garment bag at all times; they cannot be carried in hockey bags as they could get damaged. Parent/adult players are responsible for the safe keeping of their jerseys. They must remain in their possession at all times and should be used for minor ice hockey games only. The jerseys must not be abused or altered in any way and should be cleaned on a regular basis. Woolwich Wild jersey bags can be ordered from our approve spiritwear supplier, PK Sportswear. The bags come with the Woolwich Wild logo and, for a small additional cost, the player’s last name can also be embroidered on the bag. You can contact PK Sportswear at [email protected] for further information. If a player already has a garment bag, this may be used provided the bag does not have a logo for another team or association.

Participant Information

If you have more than one daughter registered, you will need to complete this form for each daughter. ​

Jersey Loan Agreement

By signing below, I hereby acknowledge receipt of the above hockey jerseys and the value thereof ($125 each).  I further agree to be responsible for the safe keeping of the said jerseys, and to surrender them to the WGMHA on or before the return date of April 30, 2024.  I agree not to remove the jerseys from my custody without the consent of the WGMHA, and to ensure they are used solely for minor hockey game purposes and not abused or altered in any way.  I further agree to regularly clean the jerseys and to always use a garment bag specifically designed to transport and store jerseys.

In the event the jerseys are lost, stolen, or for any reason cannot be delivered to WGMHA upon request, I agree to pay the value thereof approved by the Equipment Manager ($125 for each jersey).

This equipment is to be used for ICE HOCKEY ONLY. 

Once submitted, you will be sent an email to the email address provided above as your record of agreement.