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Woolwich Wild rep teams are part of the Ontario Women's Hockey League, Southern division (OWHL - Southern).

How many games can I expect to play?

The regular season is 22 games (20 for U9 and U11), starting at the beginning of October going through to late February.  The top eight teams for their division (East, West, Central, etc.) will move on to league playoffs.  At the end of playoffs, the two finalists will play on the Championship Day in late March or early April.  For the 2023/2024 season, the OWHL ran playoffs for a Championship series (1st to 4th place teams at end of regular season) and Consolation series (5th to 8th place teams). 

In the 6 weeks between the start of February and the middle of March, we also play playdown games to qualify for the OWHA Provincials tournament which is held in early April.

How much practice time will I have?

Woolwich rep teams have approximately two 50-minute practices per week.  Some of those practices will be shared ice or overlapping ice times, and a few of those practice times will be used for the scheduling of games.








7, 8

1 or 2 per week


Typically weeknight practices plus 1 to 2 games per week on average. Games can be on weeknights or weekends.


9, 10

1 or 2 per week


Typically weeknight practices plus 1 to 2 games per week on average. Games can be on weeknights or weekends.


11, 12

1 or 2 per week


Typically weeknight practices plus 1 to 2 games per week on average. Games can be on weeknights or weekends.


13, 14

1 or 2 per week


Typically weeknight practices plus 1 to 2 games per week on average. Games can be on weeknights or weekends.


15, 16, 17

1 or 2 per week


Typically weeknight practices plus 1 to 2 games per week on average. Games can be on weeknights or weekends.


19 and older

3 per season


1 per week on average
Home games are typically on Sundays

1Age as of December 31st.

2These are the planned days and typical amounts of ice time, the actual schedule may vary. Holidays and special events at the arena(s) may cause ice times to be cancelled.

3The practice schedule will not be finalized until late September. We will announce our anticipated practice nights for rep teams late-August or early-September. Check back here at that time.


When will the full schedule be released?

Schedules for September will be posted in early August.

The full season practice schedule, for October through February, will be released late September.

The game schedule for October through February is released by the beginning of October. Provincial Playdowns will begin February 1st with the schedule being released as it becomes available.

Will Rep teams play during the Thanksgiving weekend?

YES. The ice season is too short, and there are simply not enough weekends between October and March to complete our full regular season schedule if we don't play on the Thanksgiving weekend. Games and practices will be scheduled as normal on the Saturday.  There will be no home ice on the Sunday or Monday, but it is possible to have an away game.

Will Rep teams play during the Christmas holiday season?

• Games and practices may be scheduled up to and including December 22nd.

• Typically, games and practices will not be scheduled between December 23rd and January 1st, however an individual team may decide to practice or play a game or enter a tournament during this time period.  Your coach or manager will inform you of such a decision.

• Games and practices may resume starting January 2nd.

Will Rep teams play during the Family Day weekend?

YES. This is the playdown portion of the season and there is very little time during which to complete the required games.  Games and practices will be scheduled as normal on the Saturday and Sunday.  There will be no home games or practices on the Monday.

Will Rep teams play during March Break?

Typically, rep teams try not to schedule playoff or playdown games during March Break.  However, if scheduling with an opponent becomes challenging it may become necessary to schedule a game during this time period.  Practices may be scheduled on the last Sunday of March Break, and individual teams may decide to practice during March Break.

**It is also possible that league playoff rounds will run through March Break.  This was the case in the 2023-2024 season and could happen again.

What about tournaments?

Most Woolwich rep teams enter two or three tournaments during the year – this is decided upon by the team as a whole.  Rep hockey tournaments typically start on a Friday and continue through the weekend.  They are a lot of fun for girls and parents!

All rep teams have a team budget used to track additional costs for the team, such as tournament fees.  All parents are expected to contribute their share of the total approved budget amount.

How far will I have to drive?

Woolwich teams are part of the OWHL-Southern division.  Each year, the OWHL-Southern loops are put together once the league knows how many teams are registered in each category.  The loops that we are in vary from year to year and can vary by division (U9 to U18).  We have driven as far as Sarnia and Goderich in the west, and Niagara Falls and St. Catharines in the east, depending on the season.  We also play teams from centres like Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Twin Centre, and Wilmot.

Is there an extra cost?

Yes, rep teams do have to pay additional fees.  There is a tryout fee (see below) for rep team tryouts to help cover the cost of the ice and referees for any exhibition games. 

There is an Association Rep player Fee once you've made the team that covers extra practice ice (approximately 2 practices per week instead of 1) and league registration costs.  For the 2024 - 2025 season, the Association Rep Fees are $400 for all U9 to U18 rep teams with the exception of U15A, U18A and U18BB, which are $725 to reflect their increased game length and practices.  Association Rep Fees are payable to your team and are due on October 15th.  The team then remits the total Association Rep Fees for all players to the WGMHA.

In addition to these Association Rep Fees, teams will have additional (team) fees to share additional costs incurred by the team for tournaments, extra ice, timekeepers, referee costs for extra exhibition games, dryland training, etc..  Teams will present a budget to parents for approval at the start of the season.  Team (Rep) Fees are payable to your team and the team will communicate the due date(s).

How competitive is it?

In female rep hockey, there are 5 categories for rep teams – AA, A, BB, B and C.  Woolwich teams typically are registered in the A, BB and B categories.  Our emphasis is on fair ice time for all players and having fun, as well as playing at a higher skill level than Local League.

Any special equipment requirements?

Full hockey gear, along with a mouth guard, is required. See equipment checklist for details:  Woolwich Wild Equipment Checklist

All rep players must have red pants and helmets (goalie masks excluded), and Woolwich Wild socks so that the players will all match.  We also expect players to have some kind of Wild clothing to wear off-ice to games and tournaments.  All rep players must also have Woolwich Wild name bars.

Do I need to purchase goaltending equipment if my daughter is a goaltender?

The WGMHA has goalie equipment that is loaned to girls that wish to play in net.  Girls may also purchase their own equipment.


For the 2024-2025 season, U11 - U18 Spring Tryouts for players registered with Woolwich Wild in the 2023-2024 season will consist of two phases:

  • Internal tryouts (April 18th to April 23rd)
  • Open tryouts (starting April 24th)

Internal tryouts are mandatory for any Woolwich Wild player wanting to tryout for a Tier 1 team
, but Tier 2 players are strongly encouraged to participate.

  • There will be three dates for internal tryouts.  There will be no releases done until after the third internal tryout date.
  • Tier 1 and 2 coaches will be evaluating players at these tryouts and the Tier 1 coaches may release some players at the end of internal tryouts.  Released players may then attend Tier 2 tryouts starting May 2nd.
  • U11 and U13 Internal Tryouts
    • We have hired Luke Baleshta and his team from Nexus Development to run these skills sessions for us.  Nexus Development is a local company specializing in Health & Wellness and Hockey Development.
  • U15 and U18 Internal Tryouts
    • We have hired the Woolwich Hockey Academy (WHA) to run these sessions for us.  WHA is a local company led by Tony Code specializing in Hockey Development.

For Fall tryouts, there will be a $TBD per player tryout fee.  At this time, we are not planning an Internal Tryout in the Fall. 

Please check our website for rep tryout dates and times.  You will be required to register and pay for tryouts before you can attend.  Players coming from another centre that wish to tryout in Woolwich will be required to request a Permission to Tryout from their home Association.

Tryouts and Exceptional Status/Player Movement Policy

It is the position of the WGMHA that players are best able to develop their hockey skills by playing on an age-appropriate team.  As a general policy, we will not permit players to “play-up” an age level.  In rare instances, where a player is of exceptional ability and an appropriate development environment is not available at the player’s own age level, the association will consider an application to play-up.

The WGMHA requires that any parents who wish to have their under-age player considered for an older team must follow the following policy.  This policy is designed to outline the criteria and procedures for WGMHA players to be considered for advancement to a higher age group within the WGMHA.

1.    Eligibility:

a.  The player must demonstrate exceptional skill, commitment, and maturity both on and off the ice.

b.  Exceptional status only applies to Tier One tryouts.

c.  The player and parents must acknowledge final approval is required by the OWHA and the applicable league (eg.  OWHL).

c.  The WGMHA must receive written notice that a player is interested at least two weeks prior to the start of internal tryouts along with a nonrefundable $150 evaluation fee.  Email [email protected]

d.  The player must be evaluated to be a top 5 player at the higher age level, and is no longer being challenged in their own age division, as deemed by the Evaluation Committee.

e.  This status is only valid for one season.

f.   Exceptional status does not apply to import players.

2. Evaluation Process:

a.  An independent Evaluation Committee will assess the player.  The Evaluation Committee will be selected by the Executive.  The Association reserves the right to utilize a third party of their choosing to aid in the evaluation process

b.  The player’s current coaches may be asked for their input of the player's performance.

c.  The player must attend tryouts in their own age division as well as the higher age division.

d.  The Evaluation Committee will attend the higher age division tryouts and an assessment will be done of the player at that level.

e.  Parents/guardians may be involved in the discussion to provide additional context only.

f.   Overall, the player must be deemed by the Evaluation Committee to be in the top 5 of the higher age division.

g.  If the Evaluation Committee feels the player could play at the higher age division, the decision is with the Head Coach of that higher age division team to accept/select the Exceptional Player. 

h.  In addition, final approval will be required from the WGMHA Executive, in addition to the OWHA and OWHL to permit the player to be rostered to the team.

3. Communication:

a.  Clear communication will be maintained with the player, parents, and coaching staff regarding the evaluation process and decision-making timeline.

4. Regular Policy Review:

a.  This policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

b.  Adjustments will be made as needed to reflect changes in the Association’s goals and the evolving needs of the players.


A player at any level may be asked by the Association to play at a higher division to ensure a team can be rostered. This player is not deemed to have exceptional status.

By adhering to this policy, the Association aims to create a fair and transparent process for advancing female hockey players to higher age groups based on merit and potential.

How do I register?

Visit our Registration page on this website contains the registration information for this season.  You can also contact our registrar at [email protected].