Team Budgets (Woolwich Wild)

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Team Budgets

All rep teams, and any local league team with a sponsor who donates money directly to the team, must create a team budget and have it approved by all parents or adult players (U22 & Senior teams) and the Board of Directors.

All teams must use the Google Spreadsheets Budget Template provided by the Woolwich Wild Treasurer.  Regular updates must be made to this online budget so the Association can monitor expenses and revenue for the team over the course of the season.

Each team is responsible for their operating budget during the season. The costs to run a team can include such items as:

  • Association Rep Fees
  • Extra staff insurance costs ($60 per extra staff member)
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Provincial and League Championship fees (team required to pay the fees if they qualify for the championships)
  • Non-Parent Team Staff expenses (see policy below)
  • Extra ice costs
  • Referee fees for any additional exhibition games
  • Timekeepers
  • Dryland training costs
  • Power skating costs
  • First aid and trainer bag supplies
  • Practice jerseys
  • Team party costs
  • Year-end party / gifts
  • Team socks (if purchased for the whole team)
  • Office costs (labels, printing, banking fees, etc.)
  • Association fundraiser cost (e.g. Sugar Kings Calendar), if applicable
  • Team wear – if purchased for the whole team
  • Team socks – if purchased for the whole team
  • Garment bags – if purchased for the whole team

The team budget must not cover costs for individual players, such as socks, team wear or garment bags purchased only for some players or individual name bars.

Team Budget Process

  1. All Head Coaches/Managers must submit to the Treasurer of WGMHA, draft team budgets for approval at least 1 week prior to the team parent meeting to ensure revenue and expenditures are reasonable and just.  All draft budgets are due by the earlier of:
    • October 1st, and
    • A week before the team’s first tournament.
  2. All budgets must be provided to the parent/adult player group at least 48 hours before their approval is requested.
  3. Teams must hold a meeting to discuss and approve the budget.  Parental/adult player approval is required with respect to the budget for team expenses.  This approval shall be determined by a secret, written ballot.
    • Only one parent per player, or player if 18 years or age or older, is allowed to vote.
    • Absent votes are not included.
    • The budget must receive 80% approval of the voters in attendance at the meeting.
    • Teams may request a Board member be present to run the vote and count the ballots.
  4. Once the budget has been approved at the Parent/adult player meeting, a copy of the Approved Budget must be submitted to the Woolwich Wild Treasurer.
  5. All approved expenditures in the budget will have a 10% margin before additional costs must be voted on by the team.  For example, if the budget allowed for $500 for power skating, the cost can increase up to $550 without requiring approval from the team.
  6. Any new expenditures after the budget is approved require a vote by the parents/adult players.
    • Only one parent per player, or player if 18 years or age or older, is allowed to vote.
    • 80% of these voters must approve the new expenditures.  (In other words, 80% of all players on the team must agree.)
    • Teams may request a Board member run the vote and count the ballots.
  7. If these new expenditures to the approved budget occur after the team is no longer in the running for their League Championship or Provincials, then in addition to the 80% vote:
    • Any players that do not agree to the new expenditure may opt out of the planned activity and will not be required to pay their share of the cost.
    • The new expenditure would then be shared by the players who agree to the extra expenditure.
    • For example, if the team wants to purchase additional practice ice, players that do not agree to the extra expenditure could decide not to attend the practice(s).  They would not pay towards the cost and could ask for their refund if the team was in a surplus position at that point in time.
  8. Regular updates must be provided to all parents or adult players, with a closing statement sent at the end of the season.
  9. Any remaining balance must be processed as defined in the section below, ‘Unused Funds at the End of the Season’.
  10. All teams must close out their bank account and submit a season-end financial statement by May 31st to the Woolwich Wild Treasurer.

 Once the budget is approved, it is the responsibility of the Head Coach and team Manager to uphold the financial requirements as set down in the budget.  Team financial arrangements are an agreement between the staff, and the parents/adult players of the team.  This is completely separate from the WGMHA funds, and therefore if you have any disagreement regarding the disposition of team funds, it would be a matter between the parents/adult players, the team Manager and the Head Coach.  If financial concerns are not addressed by the team, contact the Association Treasurer for assistance.

Bank Account

All WGMHA Rep teams must open a bank account in the name of the team at the beginning of each season.  These accounts must have a minimum of two co-signers for every cheque and withdrawal and at least one parent MUST be a signing officer and MUST sign each disbursement.  The two co-signers cannot be related to each other.  U22 and Senior teams can use players as co-signers provided they are 18 years of age or older.

Local League and Development Stream teams may choose to open bank accounts. If the teams choose to do so then the rules for Rep Team bank accounts apply.

Teams will require a letter from the Treasurer or President of the Association giving permission to open the account.

Due Date for Association Rep Fees

All Association Rep Fees payable to the Association must be submitted by October 15th.  Payment is to be made by cheque from the team account payable to the WGMHA.  Any teams who have an NSF cheque will be charged a fee to cover any bank fees incurred by the Association because of the returned cheque.

Non-Parent Team Staff Expenses

It is recognized that non-parent team staff on a rep team will incur expenses in travel and accommodation with the team over the season.  A non-parent team staff member is defined as a rostered team staff member who is not related to a player on the team as a mother, father, grandparent or legal guardian.

Non-parent team staff expenses must be included in the team budget.  Reimbursement for certain expenses may then be made to non-parent team staff members from the team budget subject to the following rules and maximum amounts:

  1. Non-parent team staff members will be permitted to claim reasonable expenses they incur over the course of the season.
  2. A maximum of four rostered non-parent team staff may claim tournament and travel expenses.
  3. Accommodation:  The non-parent team staff may claim for one standard accommodation hotel room at actual cost for each pair of staff members where overnight accommodation is required by travel distance or schedule.  Hotel rooms are to be booked at the same hotel and rates as the team – double occupancy.  Receipts must be submitted to the Team Manager.

    Teams will cover accommodation for any overnight tournament or sanctioned away games scheduled throughout season (for example: a Windsor weekend).  This accommodation is allowable only if players in general are also staying over.

  4. Travel/Mileage:  Mileage shall be paid for a team staff vehicle to travel to out-of-town games and tournaments.  The rate paid shall be the most recent mileage rates determined by the Canada Revenue Agency (currently $0.70/km for 2024).

    Out of town travel is deemed as trips to any destination for a hockey function over 50 km from the Woolwich Memorial Centre, Elmira, Ontario.  Carpooling is expected to reduce travel costs to the team.  If more than one vehicle is used, the mileage allowance will be shared across those vehicles.

  5. Meals:  Meal Allowance will be provided for tournament day trips or overnight trips to sanctioned events at a per diem rate of $45/day.  Per diem payment to the team staff may happen before each sanctioned event.

All non-parent team staff must submit receipts for meals and accommodation to the Team Manager.  Only food costs and non-alcoholic beverage costs will be reimbursed.

Team Fundraising

All fundraising activities must be approved by the WGMHA Board of Directors.  Proceeds from team fundraising events are to be used to offset approved budget expenditures and/or a player’s portion of Team Rep Fees and Association Rep Fees.

All funds raised must be deposited in the team bank account.  This is to protect all WGMHA fundraising from misappropriation and fraud.

 Team fundraising events are to be allocated at the team level or individual player level depending on the type of event.  If the event is such that individual contributions can be easily determined, the fundraised amount is to be used to reduce that player’s Association Rep Fees and Team Fees.  If it is a team event where all players participate in a manner where the individual contributions can not easily be determined, the fundraised amount must be used to offset approved team budget expenditures.

 For example, if the team decides to sell popcorn as a fundraiser, the sales can be tracked by player.  Then if one player raises $75 and another raises $10, their fees would be reduced accordingly.  If the team decides to run a bottle drive, the amount raised would be divided between the players that participated in the fundraising event.  So, if $1,000 was raised and only 10 of the 15 players participate, $100 would be applied to reduce their fees.

 The Head Coach or Manager must clearly explain to parents/adult players in advance how the proceeds of the fundraising will be applied to the team budget.

 Fundraised fees are not considered parent contributions and are therefore not eligible for refund.  Therefore, parents/players cannot receive more money back at the end of the year than they paid in combined Team Rep Fees and Association Rep Fees even if they help to fundraise more than that amount for the team.

If there are any fundraising funds left over after all players have been reimbursed, the excess funds will be donated to Friends of Hockey.  See the ‘Unused Funds at the End of the Season’ section below.

Team Sponsorship by an Individual or Business

Sponsorship is where you have a local business/person, donate money to the team.  Proceeds from sponsorships are to be used to offset approved budget expenditures or applied to specific items as specified by the sponsor.  This money is for TEAM events or expenditures only.  Events are where the entire team is planned to be PRESENT and participating.

You can issue a receipt for the funds, however, WGMHA is not a charitable organization and as such cannot issue charitable receipts.

 All equipment purchased or donated by a sponsor shall become the property of the Association, be of a type and standard approved by the Association. 

Sponsor purchase of Woolwich Wild spirit wear must be made through our approved spirit wear provider.

 Any excess funds collected through sponsorship and not used by the end of the hockey season for the team for which it was provided shall be transferred back to the Sponsor or donated to Friends of Hockey.  See the ‘Unused Funds at the End of the Season’ section below.

Unused Funds at the End of the Season

If, at the end of the season, there is a balance remaining in the team’s bank account after all expenditures and revenue have been accounted for the following process is to be followed:

  1. If sponsor funds have not been fully applied toward the intended expense(s) specified by the sponsor, the sponsor must be contacted to find out what to do with the excess funds:  refund to the sponsor or donate to Friends of Hockey.
  2. Any remaining balance, after Step #1, must be returned to the parents/adult players.  Parents/players cannot receive more money back at the end of the season than they paid in combined Rep Association Fee and Team Rep Fee.
  3. Any remaining balance, after Step #2, shall be donated to Friends of Hockey.

These steps are to be followed by no later than May 31st.  If there is a reason why this cannot be done, please inform the Woolwich Wild Treasurer.