Team Budgets (Woolwich Wild)

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Rep Team Budgets

All rep teams, and any local league team with a sponsor who donates money directly to the team, must create a team budget and have it approved by all parents or adult players (U22 & Senior teams) and the Executive.  The team budget must be submitted to the Executive for approval by October 1st.

An electronic team budget template can be obtained from our Treasurer.

The team budget should cover the following items, where applicable:

  • Association Rep Fees
  • Association fundraiser cost (e.g. Sugar Kings Calendar)
  • Tournament costs
  • Extra ice costs
  • Referee fees for any additional exhibition games
  • Timekeepers
  • Team party costs
  • Dryland training costs
  • Power skating costs
  • Non-Parent Team Staff expenses (see policy below)
  • Extra staff insurance costs ($55 per extra staff member)
  • Office costs (labels, printing, banking fees, etc.)
  • Team wear – if purchased for the whole team
  • Team socks – if purchased for the whole team
  • Garment bags – if purchased for the whole team

The team budget should not cover costs for individual players, such as: team wear or garment bags purchased only for some players or individual name bars.

The team manager is responsible for managing the team budget and finances – with a team bank account and dual signing authority.  Regular updates should be provided to all parents or adult players, with a closing statement sent at the end of the season.  Any remaining balance should be returned to the parents/adult players at the end of the season.

Due date for Team Fees

All Association Rep Fees payable to the Association must be submitted by October 15th.  Payment should be made by cheque from the team account payable to the WGMHA.  Any teams who have an NSF cheque will be charged a fee to cover any bank fees incurred by the Association because of the returned cheque.

Non-Parent Team Staff Expenses

It is recognized that on a rep team non-parent team staff will incur expenses in travel and accommodation with the team over the season.  A non-parent team staff member is defined as a rostered team staff member who is not related to a player on the team as a mother or father, grandparent, sibling, aunt or uncle, cousin, or legal guardian.

Non-parent team staff expenses should be included in the approved team budget.  Reimbursement for certain expenses may then be made to non-parent team staff members from the team budget subject to the following rules and maximum amounts:

  1. Non-parent team staff members will be permitted to claim reasonable expenses they incur over the course of the season.
  2. A maximum of four rostered non-parent team staff may claim tournament and travel expenses.
  3. Accommodation:  The non-parent team staff may claim for one standard accommodation hotel room at actual cost for each pair of staff members where overnight accommodation is required by travel distance or schedule.  Hotel rooms should be booked at the same hotel and rates as the team – double occupancy.  Receipts should be submitted to the Team Manager.
  4. Travel/Mileage:  Mileage shall be paid for two team staff vehicles (when 2 vehicles are warranted) to travel to out-of-town games and tournaments.  The rate paid shall be the most recent mileage rates determined by the Canada Revenue Agency (currently $0.61/km for 2022).  Out of town travel is deemed as trips to any destination for a hockey function over 50 km from Elmira, Ontario.  Carpooling is expected where possible to reduce travel costs to the team.
  5. Meals:  Meal Allowance will be provided for tournament day trips or overnight trips to sanctioned events at a per diem rate of $45/day.  Per diem payment to the team staff may happen before each sanctioned event.

All non-parent team staff must submit receipts for meals and accomodation to the Team Manager.  Only food costs and non-alcoholic beverage costs will be reimbursed.