Where to Find Required Courses (Woolwich Wild)

PrintWhere to Find Required Courses

Please inform the Coaching Committee once you have completed the required courses so they can be recorded in our staff database.

We suggest you check the OWHA website first for courses as some of their courses are not posted elsewhere.  Check regularly as they fill up quickly:

OWHA Course Link

Coaching Courses

Coaching courses (Coach 1, Coach 2, D1, etc.) can be found on the Hockey Canada HCR 3.0 website.  Be sure to enter Ontario Hockey Federations/Ontario Women's Hockey Association as your organizations.  If the course you require is not available under the OWHA, you can try searching for it under the OMHA OR Alliance.

Gender & Identity Expression Course

This course can be found on the Hockey Canada HCR 3.0 website.  

Respect in Sport (Speak Out)

Click here to go to the link for the online course.   

Trainer Courses

You will need to take a Trainers Course.  The easiest route is to take the online course, here is the link:

Hockey Trainers Ontario: (htohockey.ca)

NCCP Courses

The following required courses can be found on The Coaching Association of Canada website (often referred to as the Locker).  Once you sign in, select 'elearning' from the top menu.
  • Mental Health in Sport (*New for 2024)
  • Understanding the Rule of Two (*New for 2024)
  • Anti-racism in Coaching
  • Making Headway (Multi-Sport version)
  • Support Through Sport (includes 4 modules):

o   Understanding Teen Dating Violence

o   Bystander Empowerment

o   Gender-based Violence in Sport

o   Modelling Healthy Relationships

Deadline for submitting receipts

Be sure to hang on to your course and police check receipts.  You can submit them to the Woolwich Wild Treasurer and the Association will refund 100% of the cost once you are rostered with the team.  Refunds are only provided for courses required to be a coach, trainer, manager or On-Ice Helper on a Woolwich Wild team.  We will only process the refund if the receipts are submitted by December 31st of the current season.