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Woolwich Wild Goaltender Development:
Woolwich Wild has partnered with Vinny Merante of Redline Functional Training to provide focused goaltender development sessions for our Wild teams during the 2022-2023 season.
  • Each team receives focused goaltender training at 4 of the team's scheduled practices.
  • Fees are covered by the Wild organization for these 4 sessions.
  • Each coach is responsible to reach out to Vinny Merante at Redline Functional Training to book the practices
Vinny has extensive experience coaching goalies of all ages in the tri-city area and is also an accomplished goaltender himself. He played 3 years of Junior hockey in Ontario, followed by 4 years of Varsity hockey at Wilfrid Laurier University where he attained his degree in communications and business. Vinny's approach is to run the goalies through reps and to attack each component of goaltending such as stance, movement, positioning, save selection, and visual tracking. Additionally he works with our athletes to ensure that they understand each component; how they are to be applied; and how they are connected. His philosophy is that goaltending is a craft that is years and years in the making. The days of just "stopping the puck" are over and technique and understanding must be applied in order to maximize one's potential. Goaltending is for anyone willing to strap on the pads and open to getting just a tad bit better each time they are on the ice.
We are thrilled to be partnering with Vinny once again in 2022. We had great feedback on the individual team sessions last year which allowed the training to be more focused on the needs of each individual goaltender. Coaches also get the benefit of understanding what their goaltenders need to work on as a priority in each stage of their development.
These 4 practices are prepaid for each team (Representative and Local League). If any team decides that they would like additional sessions for their goaltenders, this can be arranged directly with Vinny at a cost of $75/practice to be paid out of the individual team budget. Please Contact Vinny at [email protected] to make arrangements.

Vincent Merante
Owner & Director of Athlete Performance Redline Functional Training Inc. 
Goaltending Development in the Tri-Cities
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